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10-19-17 – I’m finishing up my part on few heavy projects before heading out on the road again with the Brian Setzer OrchestraL.A. Signal Lab has been in the studio with HOCKET and Aperture Duo recording our new album, “Water and Power,” slated for release early next year.  I’ve also been working with David Norland on music for an upcoming HBO film, and doing a number of interesting projects with Kathryn Bostic, including an arrangement of her beautiful song “State of Grace,” to be performed by the Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra in January.  Last but definitely not least, L.A. Signal Lab will perform a program of works (including my “Aqua Corelli”) at L.A. Philharmonic’s “Noon to Midnight” day of new music at Walt Disney Concert Hall on November 18th.  Though I won’t be able to attend (I’ll be on the road), I’ll be there in spirit – and I know that my cohorts are going to kill it!


2-22-17 – Just finished a short but fun run in Niagara Falls, ON with “Man In The Mirror,” getting a chance to play in a horn section with two of my best friends, Tom Terrell (trumpet) and Remy LeBouef (sax).   Up next – producing a new album of Chinese folk music in the American blues style with another of my closest friends, Ross Garren.  Last but not least, two films I scored, one feature-length and one short, are in the final phases of post production.  Both were directed by Casey De Fremery and should be released quite soon.

briansetzerbannerlogo-111-21-16 – I’m back on the road with the awesome Brian Setzer Orchestra for the 2016 “Christmas Rocks!” Tour.  Dates are in the CALENDAR.  While I’m away, however, the UCLA Philharmonia and Choir will be performing my arrangement of Kenny Burrell’s “Prayer for Peace” in celebration of his 85th birthday at Royce Hall on December 3rd.


9-25-16 – Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the incomparable Kathryn Bostic, orchestrating her beautiful score for the Michel’le biopic, “Surviving Compton.”  L.A. Signal Lab kicked off it’s second season with a fun and excellent collaborative concert, “Water and Power,” alongside HOCKET and Aperture Duo, premiering a new piece of mine, “Two Dreams,” among a handful of other genre-defying new works.  We are repeating the concert (with the addition of yet another world premiere) on October 13th at UCLA.  I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my score to Casey De Fremery’s “War Path” with my co-producer Ross Garren.  And lastly, another performance on October 22nd in San Francisco with the great Jon Jang in a concert of his music paying tribute to the Chinese immigrant workers of America.

8-9-15 – This weekend, I’m proud to be performing in the Jon Jangtet at the SF Chinatown Music Festival.  Jon is a musical and cultural icon – if you are not familiar with him, I highly suggest checking him out and the important work he’s been doing over the past 30 years.  In a completely different realm, I’ve been deeply immersed in big band land for the past few months arranging and orchestrating some pieces for SF Bay Area saxophone guru Dann Zinn and they’ll be performed by some excellent groups in the coming year.  On 9/17 at the Pasadena Steinway Piano Gallery, LA Signal Lab featuring Aperture Duo and HOCKET will premiere my newest piece, “Two Dreams” (for two pianos, violin, and viola) alongside some other very cool new works. I’ve recently begun working with the legendary Lalo Schifrin, orchestrating a new piece of his for Kenny Burrell’s 85th birthday to be premiered at UCLA’s Royce Hall in December.  And lastly, the Brian Setzer Orchestra just announced its 2016 tour dates for this winter and I am excited to join them again!  Tickets are available HERE.

IMG_4252 copy3/2/15 – Last weekend, Aperture Duo premiered my newest piece“Voyagers,” for violin and viola – and I could not be happier with their absolutely stunning performance.  We are planning on recording at Grandma’s Dojo in in the coming weeks, and I am excited to share our hard work with the world!  Over the next few months, I’m scoring a web-series pilot, working with David Norland orchestrating a film, traveling to Europe for some musical directing, and moving into post-production for a substantial creative project with Ross Garren and Voxfire.  Maybe I’ll even find time to sleep!

1/18/16 – 2016 is shaping up to be a year of substantial creative output!  Next week, LA Signal Lab brings its debut album, “Whisper and Howl,” up to San Francisco for a series of concerts and workshops. We’ll be performing my piece, “Aqua Corelli,” along with other works by Dan Marshak, Noah Meites, and Hitomi Oba.  In February, Aperture Duo premieres my newest piece, “Voyagers,” for Violin and Viola.  Dates and details for all these things are in the CALENDAR.


12/9/15 – Out on the road again with the Brian Setzer Orchestra for a 31-show North American Tour – dates are in the CALENDAR.  But before leaving on this cross-continent adventure, Ross Garren and I recorded the first half our collaborative project with early music vocal trio Voxfire, featuring the very excellent Jens Kuross on drums and synthesizers.  We also had the pleasure of working with legendary and grammy-award-winning choral producer Peter Rutenberg.  Everything is sounding great and we’re hoping to finish the album by the middle of 2016 – so please stay tuned!  Lots of stuff in the works for 2016, but in the meantime, Happy Holidays!

Whisper and Howl album

9/20/15L.A. Signal Lab just released its debut album, “Whisper and Howl,” featuring my piece, “Aqua Corelli.”  It’s now available on bandcamp HERE!  I’m really happy with how it turned out….and I’m also really happy with how my string arrangements turned out on Eddie Cole’s new album, “Inertia: the Art of Motion!”  It is available on almost every platform, but most easily accessed on bandcamp HERE.  I’m deeply entrenched in a couple of formidable projects at the moment, but in the middle of November, it all grinds to a halt so that I can jet off for another tour with the Brian Setzer Orchestra.  But this month, some fun performances with the Mike Barone Big Band and Kenny Burrell’s Los Angeles Jazz Orchestra Unlimited.  Dates are now in the CALENDAR.

8/22/15 – Though quiet on the public front, this summer has been a fertile period behind-the-scenes!  LA Signal Lab (a newly founded new-music collective) has been in the studio recording its debut album, “Whisper and Howl,” slated for release this September!  The album includes my piece “Aqua Corelli,” performed downright hauntingly by LASL members Ross Garren, Hitomi Oba, Adrianne Pope, and Linnea Powell. Also due out in September is RnB/HipHop artist Eddie Cole’s powerhouse of an album, “Inertia: the Art of Motion,” to which I contributed a handful of string arrangements.  Some cool performances I’m involved with this month – a Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole tribute with the Pasadena Pops, and then Hollywood Bowl (!), with progressive RnB artist, Moses Sumney – opening for St. Vincent and Erykah Badu.

5/11/15 – My friends and I have had our noses to the grindstone beginning a new music collective called “LA Signal Lab.”  Our debut concert is at 8:00pm this Friday, May 15th at Curve Line Space in Los Angeles.  My most recent concert work (and first in a long time!) entitled “Aqua Corelli 1.8” will be premiered by incredible group of musicians, including Ross Garren, Hitomi Oba, Adrianne Pope, and Linnea Powell.  Right after, I’ll be leaving for Torino, Italy, to help with the world premiere of James Newton‘s enormous and historic Saint Matthew Passion by John Bellemer, Roberto Abbondanza, Kenneth Salters, and the Teatro Regio Torino Orchestra and Chorus under the direction of Maestro Grant Gershon.

National Geographic Wild’s “Aloha Vet”

3/12/15 – All is busy and excellent in 2015!  Under the roof of Uncommon Music, I’ve been working on music for a new National Geographic Channel show called “Aloha Vet,” a documentary about Hawaiian Veterinarian Dr. Scott Simms.  The 6-show series begins on Saturday, March 21st at 9pm.  Indie trio “mAsis” just released their first single,  “Make Me Higher,” which I had the pleasure of mixing last year.  It has garnered some serious attention, and they’ll be releasing their EP very soon.  I’m in the final stages of producing and mixing Ross Garren and Andre LaFosse’s new experimental album and I’ve been arranging strings for genre-defying singer/producer Eddie Cole’s sophomore album.  And lastly, I’ve been doing music prep for almost four years on James W. Newton’s St. Matthew Passion…and its premiere is upon us this May in Italy – a joint presentation between the Torino Jazz Festival and the Teatro Regio Torino.  I am so proud to have been a small part of this monumental work as something of a midwife.  Some creative work is on the horizon – new and experimental music coming up in May, so stay tuned!

11/24/14 – Now 8 shows into a 28-show US tour with the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Dates are in the CALENDAR.  Before leaving, however, I finished mixing some exciting projects for LeJ Keys (2 songs currently streaming HERE and HERE) and mAsis (release TBA).  2015 holds some exciting projects – Director Casey de Fremery’s debut feature film “War Path” and the premiere of James W. Newton’s “St. Matthew Passion” at the Torino Jazz Festival in Italy (which I have been involved with for over 3 years).

7/27/14 – Back in Japan (yet again!) with the Billy Vaughn Orchestra, hitting Chiba, Gifu, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Osaka, Tokyo, Yokohama, Gunma, Kanagawa, and Saitama (see CALENDAR).  Coming up this fall – another “Mood Medieval” show with early music vocal trio VoxFire – and this winter, the Brian Setzer Orchestra “Christmas Rocks!” tour.  Truly looking forward to performing with these incredible musicians again.  And lastly, but certainly not least, I’m excited to share that I’ve joined director Casey De Fremery and his team on the upcoming film, “War Path,” slated for release in 2015!

5/16/14 – Currently having a blast in Japan with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, hitting Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Tokyo, Sendai, and Sapporo (see CALENDAR).  In other news, I was recently part of a team of folks scoring a handful of animations, most of which are available for viewing on the internet: “Weather or Not,” “Bloom of Morn,” “Touch,” and “Giraphant.”  Lastly, David Norland and I had a laugh working out a pretty ridiculous and hilarious modification of the Verdi Requiem Dies Irae for Nintendo, recorded overseas last month.  More stuff coming up in the months ahead!

3/7/14CMT’s Tattoo Titans premiered last month, and to my pleasant surprise, there is a pretty substantial amount of my music each of the eight episodes – including a big chunk of the title sequence and the entirety of the artist introductions.  One could theoretically watch them HERE.  On other fronts, I’ve got some scores to short animations in the works, and a few creative things simmering.  The early music/ambient/jazz project that that I was a part of late last year (now referred to as “Mood Medieval”) just released a few excellently produced videos HERE.  And, of course, the Brian Setzer Orchestra Japan tour is just around the corner – I’m excited to be playing with them again!  Tour dates are on the Calendar.

02/11/14 – Just finished a successful short run of Duke Ellington’s opera, “Queenie Pie” at the Long Beach Opera.  Big congrats to the creative team, particularly Marc Bolin, who has been on the ground floor of this reconstruction/extrapolation since 2007.  On the composerly side of things, I recently began working with Green Zebra Music, a relatively new production house and licensing company with some nice credits to their name.  They have a bunch of great artists on their roster and I’m glad to be working with them!

01/02/14 – I’m excited to start out the year with some brand new musical experiences!  Tomorrow is an experimental solo saxophone show with Hitomi Oba at Duende, in Oakland CA – I’ll be performing on Ableton Live 9.  And at the end of January, I’ll be part of a production of Duke Ellington’s Opera, “Queenie Pie,” with the Long Beach Opera.  This next year holds the progression of a few projects with Hitomi Oba and Ross Garren few TV show premieres, and a few tours.  And hopefully a few (good) surprises, just to keep me on my toes!

10/28/13 – A few projects have recently been coming to fruition: My friend and fellow composer/multi-instrumentalist Ross Garren released his debut album, which I had the pleasure of doing a little bit of engineering and production and a lot of mixing.  On November 12th, the Blue Whale in Los Angeles will play host to the first performance of a collaborative effort between the Ross Garren Trio and early music vocal group VoxFire (comprised of members of the Los Angeles Master Chorale); I have contributed some arrangements and I’ll be manning some synthesizers and electronically manipulating some portions of the live performance – naturally, I am very excited about this!

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