Scoring Reel

  • Nature and World Exploration 

    A Better Life* (clip) (from “Continental Drift”)

    In A Foreign Land* (clip) (from “Continental Drift”)

    Rio Parana* (clip) (from “Continental Drift”)

    A Long Game* (clip) (from “Continental Drift”)

  • Drama and Movement

    House On A Hill† (clip) (from GZM)

    A Fleeting Moment† (clip) (from GZM)

    Closed Windows and Open Doors* (clip) (from “Turning Points”

  • Conflict, Action, and Adventure

    Infiltration* (clip) (from “Epic Percussion”)

    Confrontation* (clip) (from “Epic Percussion”)

    Cover Blown* (clip) (from “Aries”)

  • Rock and Comedy

    Surf Patrol Assemble!* (clip) (from “Stratospheric”)

    Funksta4life* (clip) (from “Push Beats”)

    Vegas Lawman* (clip) (from “Stratospheric”)

    Karate Robots* (clip) (from “Stratospheric”)

  • Rhythmic Underscore and Propulsive Tension

    Metro† (clip) (from GZM)

    Decisive Current† (clip) (from GZM)

    Dreams of Discovery* (clip) (from “Modern Beats Reality”)

    The Challenge (clip) (from “The Titans of Newark”)

  • Holidays and Horror

    The Christmas Star* (clip) (from “Christmas”)

    Dissociative Amnesia† (clip) (from GZM)

    Good King Wenceslas* (clip) (from “Christmas”)

    Christmas in Paris* (clip) (from “Another Christmas”)

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